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Call of Faith & Duty: A Tribute to Veterans

Many members of the Central Catholic community have served our nation through the US Armed Forces.

To honor their sacrifices, we have established Call of Faith & Duty: A Tribute to Veterans. Our goal is to recognize the many alumni who have served or are serving our nation. We are working to identify those graduates who are veterans, who are currently serving in the military, or who are attending military schools and academies.

Please keep these men and women, and all those who have made the sacrifices necessary to serve and protect our nation, in your thoughts and prayers.

The following list is a work in progress. If you have any corrections or additions, please complete the form, email, or call 978-682-0260 ext. 635 so that we can update the list.

In the Midst of Lawrence City,
Stands the School We Love.
Emblem Pure of Faith and Duty,
Blessed by God Above.
Central Catholic Alma Mater, First Verse

Flag over Auburn Street Field

Thank you to all those who have served our nation!

Historic image of Memorial Gymnasium
View of Gymnasium and School.

Honor Roll of Veterans

Graduates, 2023-2011


  • Madelyn Marcella, US Marine Corps
  • Edward Smith, US Navy
  • Michaela Staniec, US Military Academy at West Point


  • Kaiden J. Nobrega, US Army, ROTC, University of Massachusetts at Lowell


  • Philip Kirby, US Coast Guard Academy


  • Abigail Sullivan, US Naval Academy


  • Michael Forni, US Army, ROTC, Westfield State University
  • Lilliana (Beecher) Hahn, US Army
  • Benjamin Morris, US Coast Guard Academy
  • Kyle Sheedy, US Army, ROTC, University of Maryland


  • Lt. Eleanor Fremont-Smith, US Army, Graduate of Boston College ROTC, Stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma (Oct. 2022)


  • 2nd Lt. Daniel DeRosa, US Air Force, July 2021
  • Taylor Gigandet, US Naval Academy
  • 2nd Lt. Adam Morris, US Space Force, US Air Force Academy Graduate (2021), Space Operations Officer, July 2021
  • Raymond Morton, US Navy Reserves, August 2021


  • Leila Camplese, US Army, SPC, 3 Years of Service
  • Ryan Ferrara, US Army, ROTC, University of New Haven
  • Nicholas Gibbs, US Coast Guard Academy
  • Michael Horak, MA Army National Guard, 11B (Infantry) MOS; US Army, ROTC, MA Maritime Academy
  • Alexander Jensen, US Army, ROTC, University of Massachusetts at Lowell


  • Jordan Daly, US Army, ROTC, Cadet at Norwich University, will commission in 2019


  • Thomas Curtis, US Marine Corps, Sergeant, Active Duty, Four Years of Service (Oct. 2020)
  • Conrad Jepson, US Marine Corps, Parris Island, SC.
  • Jonathan Sholik, US Marine Corps
  • Matthew Wicks, US Air Force, 1st Lieutenant, Two Years of Active Duty (Sept. 2020) 


  • Daniel F. Buote, US Marine Corps
  • Jarred LeBlanc, US Coast Guard
  • Colleen E. Slein, US Air Force Academy
  • Ryan S. Wagoner, US Marine Corps


  • Jessiel Alfonzo, US Army
  • Tyler Stein, US Army, First Lieutenant, ROTC Providence College, Active Duty, stationed at Fort Drum, NY (Fall 2018)
  • Kyle Williams, US Navy, CCT, Active Duty (Fall 2014 - enlisted in 2012)


  • Ginelli Bonet, US Army
  • Connor F. Brennan, National Guard Airman

Graduates, 2010-2001


  • Shain Jowett, US Navy, Naval Academy Graduate, Navy Seal Training (Fall 2013)


  • Capt. Darren Berrigan, US Army, Active Duty, OH58D Kiowa Warrior Pilot (Fall 2015), Air Medal for valor for actions during the evacuation of the US Embassy Kabul on August 15, 2021
  • Lance Cpl. Sean J. Harrigan, US Marine Corps, Active Duty
  • SGT Timothy Houston, US Army, Active Duty (Fall 2018)
  • 1LT Kelsey Richards, US Army ROTC
  • Evan Rurak, US Navy, Ensign


  • Sgt. Robert M. DeGregorio III, US Army, Active Duty, Afghanistan, 344th Military Police Company (Fall 2013)
  • Melissa A. Lucas, US Army
  • 1LT Courtney Richards, US Army, Signal Corps Officer, Honolulu, HI


  • Lt. Joseph M. Aiello, US Navy, Active Duty, ILS Division Director General Dynamic - Electric Boat (Nov. 2015)
  • 1st Lt. Daniel A. O'Connor, US Marine Corps, UH-1Y Pilot, Active Duty (July 2015)


  • Sgt. Paul F. Goodwin, US Army; Formerly US Army Reserves, now Active Duty, Iraq Tour
  • Capt. Kevin J. O’Neill, US Air Force, Active Duty, Malmstrom AFB (Montana); Incirlik AB (Turkey), Munitions Flight Commander; Barksdale AFB (Louisiana), Air Force Global Strike Command, Program Manager, Munitions Division (Nov. 2014)


  • Sergeant First Class Dana Francis, US Army
  • Staff Sergeant Michael A. Hubbard, US Army, served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Central America
  • Michael T. O'Donnell, US Navy, Active Duty, Machinist's Mate, served on the SS New Hampshire, a nuclear submarine based in Groton, CT (Nov. 2012); serving on the SS Alexandria, San Diego, CA (November 2021)


  • MSG Timothy Beauchesne, US Army, Electronic Warfare, Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Active Duty, 20 years of Service; completed service on the Department of the Army's Recruiting and Retention Task Force in the Summer of 2023. Currently serving as the Joint Effects Division Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Army's Mission Command Training Program at Ft. Leavenworth, KS (updated October 2023)
  • Major Christopher M. George, US Army, 11 years
  • Lt. Chad Pusateri, US Navy, Doctor/Medical Officer
  • 2nd Lt. Kevin Towler, US Marine Corps, JAG


  • Michael CotterUS Navy, Military Sealift Command
  • Douglas Fritz, US Navy, HM2 (FMF), Operation Enduring Freedom; Fall 2014: Reserves
  • Sgt. Michael Moulton, US Army, Iraq Veteran
  • LCpl. Sean R. O'Day, US Marine Corp (2002-2008), Operation Enduring Freedom


  • Jonathan K. Leslie, US Army
  • David T. Lyons, US Army, Sergeant, HHC 1-182 INF (Nov. 2015)
  • Roger G. Vieira, US Air Force, Senior Airman, 4 Years of Service, Spagndahlem, Germany; Kunsan, Korea; Okinawa, Japan; Mountain Home, Idaho

Graduates, 2000-1991


  • Maj. David Beaudoin; US Army (US Military Academy/West Point 2004), Iraq Veteran, Active Duty
  • SgtMaj. Eric Ferreira, US Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 21 Years of Service, currently in the Reserves
  • SSgt. Rebecca J. (Greco) Ferreira, US Air Force
  • Cpl. Wilson Jusino, US Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Sgt. Paul King, US Army, Iraq
  • SSgt. Arthur D. Lecesse, US Air Force, Active Duty (2003-2011), Operation Enduring Freedom (Three Tours), Operation Odyssey Dawn
  • Sgt. Alexander W. Pannos, US Army, Active Duty 2001 - 2004; US National Guard 2004 - Present; Operation Iraqi Freedom; 18 years of service (updated 4/7/2019)
  • Melissa M. Polanco, US Navy, Chief Petty Officer, Active Duty (Nov. 2015)
  • Lt. Jason Thomas, US Navy, Active Reserve (June 2015)


  • MSgt Daryl C. Bradley, US Air Force, Flight Chief Aerospace & Operational Medicine; Active Duty, 17 years of service; Awards & Decoration: Meritorious Service Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Air Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Aerial Achievement Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Joint Service Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster, Army Achievement Medal (updated 11/12/20)
  • Capt. Rafael V. Dominguez, US Army, training officer, international exchange, Canada (July 2015)
  • Marc R. Leduc, US Navy, Surgeon
  • Cpl. Leon A. Vitale, US Marine Corps (2002-2006)


  • Capt. Benjamin W. Hillner, US Army, JAG Corps (attorney)


  • Capt. Laura B. (Champagne) Hutchins, US Naval Academy (2001), Marine Corps, Five Years Active Duty, Aviation Maintenance Officer, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), Operation Iraqi Freedom, 15th MEU; US Marine Corp Reserve; Retired
  • Lt. Cmdr. Sean P. Maloney, US Navy Reserve Helicopter Pilot
  • Capt. Kevin D. Michaelsen, US Air Force, Retired


  • Chief Petty Officer Kristopher Stoessel, US Navy, Active Duty; Operation New Dawn, Iraq; Operation Unified Aid, Bandeh Aceh, Indonesia
  • Major Adam E. Taylor, US Air Force, Special Operations Navigator, Active Duty (Fall 2014)


  • Sgt. Jay Ball, US Army (1995-2001), Fort Sill, OK; Schweinfurt, Germany; Bosnia (2 tours); Fort Drum, NY
  • Major Paul M. Grant, US Army (US Military Academy/West Point, 1999), 82nd Airborne Div., 1 tour in Kosovo, 3 tours Iraq, 1 tour Afghanistan
  • Lt. Todd V. Riviezzo, US Army, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), 1999-2020, Retired, Operation Joint Guardian, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Spartan Shield
  • Sgt. Edward Sullivan, US Army
  • Capt. Michael J. Yanovitch, US Air Force (US Air Force Academy 2000), Flew F-15 Fighter pilots with the 67th Fighter Squadron out of Kadina AF Base, Okinawa Japan


  • Capt. Matthew J. Matosic, US Army


  • TSgt Jason Bazin, US Air Force, Battlefield Weather Forecaster. Served in Bosnia, OIF/OND Iraq (3 tours), OEF Afghanistan Veteran.


  • Gerard A. Jussaume, US Navy, Fire Controlman 1st Class, Active Duty 1993-2013, Retired
  • Edward M. Sullivan Jr., US Marine Corps, PFC, Honorably Discharged


  • Capt. Jeremy F. Brooks, US Army Reserves 1993-2009; Active Duty: 2009-present (MEDCOM), Iraq Tour
  • Joseph C. Fricano, US Marine Corps 1995-1999; Camp Pendleton Military Police Officer, Honorably Discharged
  • CDR Douglas W. Huggan, US Navy, Commanding Officer, Naval Support Activity Panama City, Retired

Graduates, 1990-1981


  • Daniel B. Cotnoir, US Marine Corps, 1999-2014, Staff Sergeant; Marine of the Year 2005; Armorer, MCMAP Instructor, Mortuary Affairs; Navy Commendation Medal; Army Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Medal; Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal; Purple Heart Recipient
  • Kevin J. Kempton, US Navy, Petty Officer, 3rd Class, Aviation Ordinance, Carrier Air Wing 17, VF-103 BAD OCEANA, Virginia Beach, VA, 4 Years of Service, Retired


  • Lt. Stephen E. Gil, US Army, Paratrooper, (deceased)
  • Lt. Col. Sean M. Judge, US Air Force, Pilot, US Air Force Academy, (deceased)
  • 1st Sgt. Dean Lockhart, US Army, 20+-Year Veteran, Purple Heart
  • SPC Charles J. Merida, US Army, ARCOM, AAM
  • Edward E. Romanowsky, US Army


  • Kevin Doherty, US Navy, Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom (1993 - 1998)
  • Timothy Dube, US Marine Corps (1989-1993), 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Corporal, Desert Shield/Desert Storm
  • Col. John R. Gaivin, US Army, Active Duty, 31 years of service, Battalion Commander 17th CSSB, Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska
  • LtCol John M. Hayes, US Marine Corps (16 years), Somalia, Afghanistan; Two Purple Hearts, (deceased)
  • Christopher Zinolli, US Navy (1988-1993, Honorable Discharge), Petty Officer Second Class, Fighter Squadron Twenty-One, Naval Air Station Miramar, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Naval Air Station North Island


  • Brian Gilday, US Navy, Graduate of US Naval Academy


  • Christopher S. Maple, US Army, Operation Desert Storm
  • John Wall, US Marine Corps, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm


  • Sgt. Michael A. Ameen, US National Guard/Reserves, Honorably Discharged
  • Capt. David C. Abdoo, US Army Reserves, Army National Guard (1990-2007)
  • Lt. Col. Robert C. Courtemanche, US Marine Corps, US Air National Guard, 23 years of Service (retired)
  • Lt. Col. John A. Papachriston, US Air Force pilot
  • Richard J. Stabile, US Air Force
  • William J. Villineau Jr., US Navy Reserve, BM2 (1991-1999); National Service Ribbon


  • Sgt. James B. Christensen, US Marine Corps, Desert Shield & Desert Storm, Amphibious Amtrac, Retired
  • 1st Sgt. Joseph M. Labranche, US Army, Retired
  • Joseph P. O'Meara, US Navy, (deceased)


  • Capt. William Campbell, US Navy (US Naval Academy, 1987), Retired
  • Cdr. Timothy Corkery, US Navy (US Naval Academy, 1987), Executive Officer for the University of Arizona’s Naval ROTC Unit, Assoc. Prof. of Naval Science
  • Michael J. McGovern, US Navy (Russian translator), deceased
  • Col. Charles P. Samaris, US Army, Former MIT Security Studies Military Fellow; Former Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers, New England District
  • Sgt. Michael Simard, US Air Force (Active Duty 1983-1988) Air Traffic Controller; 2015 Communications Sq. Randolph AFB Texas 1984-86; 1964 Communications Group; Ramstein Air Base Germany 1986-88
  • Robert L. Veilleux, US Navy


  • Cdr. Donald Dombrowsky, US Navy, 24 years of Active Duty, Retired
  • Guy Hermis, US Army, E8/Master Sergeant; Jump Master, Fort Bragg; 23 Years of Service, Retired
  • John M. Toto, US Marine Corps, Four Years


  • Thomas Bergeron, US National Guard / Reserves, Sergeant, Retired
  • Capt. Jerome F. Hamel, US Navy, Retired
  • Shaun Logan, US Air Force
  • Donald Martin, US National Guard, 6 years of service
  • Maureen C. (Quigley) McDaniel, (Saint Mary High School), US Navy, (deceased)
  • Sgt. Brian Welsh, Air Force, 4 years of service

Graduates, 1980-1971


  • Michael J. Paduchowski, US Army, SFC, Active & Mass National Guard 1980-2009, Retired, 26th (Yankee) Infantry Division & Adjutant General's Office
  • John Sakowicz, US Marine Corps, Master Gunnery Sergeant, 30 Years of Service (retired): Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal with Combat V, Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom


  • Richard Carrier, US Air Force Academy, Pilot
  • John E. Cuddy, US Navy, Retired
  • Kevin A. Cyr, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Maj. Gen. Richard J. Gallant, US Army, Two-Star General, Special Assistant to the Director of the Army National Guard, Pentagon (January 2016)
  • Lt. Col. Richard J. Hamilton, US National Guard/Reserves, Active: 157th Security Forces Squadron Commander; J3-JSO (Joint Security Office) USCENTCOM; Provost Marshal Joint Forces HQ New Hampshire National Guard; Inspector General 102nd Intelligence Wing; Operation Noble Eagle; Operation Enduring Freedom; Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • John Imondi, US Air Force
  • Col. Kevin Murphy
  • Charles E. Parker, US Army, CPT. Honorable Discharge, Nine Years of Service; US Military Academy at West Point, 1983; US Army Aviator, Helicopters and Airplanes, Airborne Infantry


  • Thomas Collins, US Marine Corps
  • Capt. Timothy J. Crawley, US Air Force, Retired
  • Michael A. Devito, US Army, (deceased)
  • Michael Foster, US Army, (deceased)
  • Lt. Boleslaus "Bill" F. Gruber, US Army, (deceased)
  • Stephen R. Guilmet, US Marine Corps, Sgt.,1980-84
  • Col. Peter F. Sullivan Jr., US Air Force/Air National Guard, Retired
  • John B. Vega, US Army, 1978-1982


  • MSgt. Kevin P. Fortuna, US Air Force, active duty 1977-1981; NH Air Guard, Crew Chief on the KC135R; Desert Storm, Iraq Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom
  • SSGT Kevin Ginchereau, US Marine Corps, Criminal Investigator, NCIS Special Agent, Retired
  • Capt. James Nault, US Navy, Retired
  • SSGT Arthur T. Villineau, US Air Force (1977-1985)


  • Lee J. Britton, US Air Force, MSgt, USAF active duty, US Army National Guard, USAF Reserve, 22 years, Retired
  • James M. Bryson, US Air Force, SSgt, Hahn Air Base - 84th Fighter Wing - 1978 - 1984-SAC-Hospital, Retired
  • Hector O. Clemente, US Army, Major, 20 years of active duty, Retired
  • Richard P. Ouellett, US Navy, Submariner, (deceased) 


  • Michael J. Lambert, US Marine Corps, Corporal-E4; Maintenance Control, Flight Line, Cherry Point, NC; Honorable Discharge


  • Debra A. Drew PMA, US Air Force, Lt Col, 1979 – 1998, Retired
  • Cdr. Mark Nault, US Navy, Retired
  • Brian J. Sheehy, US Army, Specialist 4, Retired, Four years of service, FT McClellan, AL (MP Training), FT Riley, KS - Military Police, Korea - Military Police
  • Silvio (Sy) P. Uliano, Jr., WWII, (deceased)


  • Thomas Grzejka, US Air Force, Sgt. 4 Years of Service
  • Michael P. Milloy, US Army
  • Robert J. Thomas Jr., US Air Force, Master Sergeant, Retired


  • Robert J. McGurn, US Air Force, E-7/MSgt, Honorable Discharge, 15 Years of Service: Honor Graduate, Air Traffic Control School, Keesler Air Force Base (MS); 1 Air Force Meritorious Medal, 6 Air Force Commendation Medals, 2 Joint Service Achievement Medals, 2 Air Force Achievement Medals, Desert Storm participant, RAF Mildenhall (UK), RAF Upperheyford (UK), Clark AFB (Philippines), Eglin AFB (FL), Kunsan Air Base (Republic of South Korea), Osan Air Base (Republic of South Korea), Kadena AB (Kuwait)


  • Augusto "Gus" M. Andrade, US Navy, E4, 3rd Class Petty Officer, Boatswainmate, 1972-1975, Honorable Discharge; Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu, HI; DE-1033 USS Claude Jones; Mayport, FL Naval Base, ATF-159 USS Paiute
  • Andrew DeFillippo, US Army Reserve (1972-1978), 331st General Hospital
  • William M. Daly, US Air Force, Retired, TSGT
  • Craig R. Murphy, US Navy, Lieutenant, Six years of service
  • Robert J. Perron, US Army, (deceased)
  • George Samataro, US Air Force, 1979-1989
  • Thomas M. Shannon, US Navy, 1978-1995, Commander, Retired, NAS Pensacola FL, NAS Whiting Field FL, NAS Corpus Christi TX, NAS Barbers Point HI, NAS Glenview IL, NAS South Weymouth MA

Graduates, 1970-1961


  • Joseph F. Ryan, US Coast Guard, Machinery Technician 2nd Class


  • Lt. Col. Robert J. DeFusco, US Army, 20 Years of Active Duty, Retired
  • Edward Joseph "Barry" Hugo, US Navy, "Seabees" Battalion, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Daniel J. Latulippe, US Military, (deceased)
  • Steve Makrecky, US Navy, Seaman, Vietnam, Two years enlisted; Post-enlistment: Military Advisor to US and NATO Forces 


  • Bradley A. Fay, US Marine Corps, Three year tour of duty in Vietnam; Awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with palm, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Rifle Marksman, (deceased)
  • Kenneth D. Mailloux, US Air Force, Sgt., Vietnam
  • Kenneth A. McMahon, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Joseph F. Stewart, US Army (1970-1973)
  • Lt. Col. William J. Troy, US Army, Retired


  • Stephen Barbett, Vietnam
  • Colonel C. Mark Cataudella, US Army National Guard/Reserves, Retired in 2001 after 30 years; Deployments to Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo
  • Kenneth J. Kolias, US Air Force, Sgt, 4 Years of Service, One Year Tour in Vietnam
  • Alan J. LaBranche, MA National Guard/Reserves, SFC, 20 Years of Service, Retired
  • Michael D. Mahoney, US Navy, PO 2nd Class, 1971-1974
  • Dennis W. O'Brien, US Air Force, SSgt, Veteran, Four Years of Service; 99th Bomb Wing, Westover AFB, MA
  • Fred "Al" Pappalardo, US Navy (seven years), Hospital Corpsman (Medic)
  • Brian M. Richards, US Navy, E-6/ET1, 1974-1982, USS Eisenhower CVN 69, USS Carl Vinson CVN 70, USS Nimitz CVN68


  • Thomas Deloge, US Air Force, 4 years, stationed on Midway Island with Air Force support squadron. Nellis Air Force Base, as an Aircraft Instrument Repairman.
  • Joseph F. Doucette, US Army, Vietnam War, recipient of The Silver Star Medal and twice awarded The Bronze Star Medal.  Also recipient of the Purple Heart, the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, the Army Commendation Medal and the Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Richard Ginchereau, US Navy, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • James G. Hanley, US Army, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • SP/4 Conrad M. Karcz, US Army, Vietnam
  • Robert R. Morin, US Army, E-4, Specialist, 1968-1970, Military intelligence specialist, interrogator/interpreter. Served with 24th Infantry Division Ft. Riley Kansas, committed to NATO support
  • Robert Muzerall, US Navy, E-5, 1966-1970
  • LTC James E. Phelan, US Army, Retired


  • Harold J. Ball, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Salvatore Cavallaro, US Army, SSG
  • Francis R. Dion, Merchant Marines, (deceased)
  • Joseph Donovan, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Gerald V. "Jerry" Hayes, US Army, Stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War era, (deceased)
  • John M. Hayes, US Navy, Vietnam
  • Sgt. Dennis A. Iworsky, US Marine Corps, Two Tours in Vietnam, Honorable Discharge
  • Sgt. Theodore J. Karcz, US Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart Recipient
  • Robert G. Labrecque, US Navy, CW03, Retired, 22 Years of Service
  • Sgt. Michael A. Lane, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Gregory E. Melnick, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • David W. Ouellette, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Frank J. Rapisardi, US Army, Specialist 6th Class, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Glenn A. Surrette, US Marine Corps, Vietnam, (deceased)


  • Mario Andrade, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Joseph H. Dinan Jr., US Army, SP4
  • Michael J. Foley, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Michael J. Gauthier, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Michael J. Harding, National Guard, (deceased)
  • Donald T. Hatem, US Army, Vietnam, 2 tours, (deceased)
  • Col. Paul Vincent Kelly, US Marine Corps, Retired
  • Arthur G. Lebreck, US Marine Corps Reserve, (deceased)
  • John J. McDuffie, US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • Daniel C. Regan, US Navy, Petty Officer
  • Michael L. Sipsey, US Army, Chief Warrant Officer, Vietnam Conflict, Honors: Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Air Medal with Valor for Heroism, Air Medals 3-14, (deceased)
  • SSgt. Glenn J. Spatola, US Air Force, Vietnam, 1968-1972; ENT technician at the 483rd USAF Hospital, Cam Ranh AFB, Vietnam; Andrews AFB, Maryland; Travis AFB, California
  • Sgt. David D. Stansfield, US Army, 1969-1970, Vietnam, Bronze Star for Valor, Purple Heart
  • Robert A. Toto, US Army, 1st Lt., Retired; Three Years of Service; C.I.B., Occupation Ribbon, Vietnam Campaign Ribbons; West Berlin, Germany; South Vietnam


  • Thomas M. Arsenault, US Air Force, A1C, Retired, (deceased)
  • William J. Carney, US Marine Corps, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Richard V. Cookson, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Joseph J. Elia Jr., SP4 US Army, Writer/Photographer, Vietnam (1968-1969)
  • William A. Faris, 1/Lt US Army, Fort Devens Lieutenant of the Year (1971), 18th Engineer Lieutenant of the Year
  • William J. Finno, US Navy, Vietnam War, 2 Terms on USS Chevalier, (deceased)
  • John F. Fitzgibbons, 1/Lt US Army (KIA)
  • Terence P. Flynn, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Thomas J. Greska, LtCol, US Marine Corps, Infantry, Foreign Area Officer, Thailand, Retired
  • Daniel J. Grieco, Captain, US Army, Honorable Discharge, US Army Reserve, 1978 & Commissioned, Army ROTC 1967, UMass, Active Duty, Fort Eustis, Virginia
  • James A. LaBua, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • James P. Linehan, US Army Reserve, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Blaine J. O'Connell, US Navy, Lieutenant, 5 Years of Service, USS Ramsey DEG 2, Combat Information Officer, USS Charles H Roan DD853, Weapons Officer
  • John J. Regan, US Navy, RD1
  • Paul J. Ripa, US Army, (deceased)
  • Michael J. Tangney, US Navy, Petty Officer Third Class, Journalist, Retired
  • John Timony, US Navy, Petty Officer, (deceased)
  • Joseph Titone, US Air Force, First Sergeant/Security Forces, 26 Years of Service, Retired
  • John D. Tobin, US Army, SP4, (1970-1972), Military Police, Fort Monmouth (NJ), Army Commendation Medal


  • James J. Accursio, US Army, (deceased)
  • Richard J. Collins, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Nunzio Di Marca, US Army Reserve, (deceased)
  • John "Barry" Fitzgibbons, US Navy, USS Intrepid, (deceased)
  • Edward T. Hilbert, US Air Force, Lt. Col., Retired, 22 Years of Service; Two Distinguished Flying Crosses; Eight Air Medals; Served 2 years in Vietnam
  • Hérvé Houde, US Army, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (1970-1971), Bronze Star, Retired
  • Joseph F. Long, US Army, Corporal, 14 years of service: Korea, Nebraska, Alabama, Colorado
  • Col. James A. Marapoti, US Marine Corps, Retired, Vietnam, 69/70; Gulf War 90/91; Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal (3); Navy Commendation Medal w/"V" (Valor), Retired
  • Ronald D. Medlock, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Frank L. Morris, US Army, SPEC 5, Vietnam (1970-1971), Bronze Star, (deceased)
  • Kenneth T. Naffah, US Navy, (deceased)
  • John F. O'Neill, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Ronald S. Rogers, US Army, Vietnam War, received Bronze Star, (deceased)
  • 2nd Lt. Raymond P. Roy, US Navy, 1966-1968, Communications Officer on board USS Annapolis off the coast of Vietnam
  • Albert C. St. Peter, US Navy, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • John E. Theberge, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • William J. Tobin, US Coast Guard Reserve, (deceased)
  • William K. Todd, Jr., Medic in the US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • Robert Tremblay, US Army, Korea, (deceased)
  • Richard A. Watkins, US Air Force, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Sgt. Frank Wholley, US Air Force (1964-1968, Retired), Vietnam (1967-1968), (deceased)
  • Brigadier General Michael C. Wholley, US Marine Corps, Retired: F4 Fighter Pilot, Vietnam War
  • John M. Zube, US Navy, Rank E-5 GMG, Combat Veteran, served in Vietnam on the USS Boston CAG 1 1969-1970


  • Vito T. Augusta, US Army, (deceased)
  • Rusty Brink, US Army, Captain, Field Artillery, Retired, 1969-1971 active duty; 1971-1973 reserves; Commanded HSB and served with 25th division Artillery and 101st airborne in Vietnam. Also stationed in Fort Gordon GA, Fort Sill, OK; Fort Irwin, CA
  • Neil M. Casey, US Army, Vietnam, Retired
  • John J. Dziadosz, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • TSgt. Andrew C. Frederick, US Air Force (1963-1991, Ret.); Germany, Greece, Italy, Libya, South Korea, Spain and Turkey; Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska (Strategic Air Command), New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal
  • John C. Gill, US Navy, Submariners Corps, USS Diabko, USS Agler, USS Dogfish,(deceased)
  • Francis Kane, US Army, Naval Reserves: Retired as a Lieutenant Commander, (deceased)
  • Joseph P. Lambert, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Frank J. LaScola, US Navy, 1964-1968, Vietnam - 1966
  • Col. Paul M. Lavin, US Air Force (Ret.), Pilot, Vietnam: 3 tours; Gulf War: 1 tour, (deceased)
  • Samuel A. Lombardo, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • David P. Morisseau, US Navy, Hospital Corpsman, 1st Class, Two Purple Hearts.
  • Denis J. Murphy, US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • Joseph J. Musumarra, US Army, (deceased)
  • Wilfred "Willy" Ouellette, US Navy, 3rd Class Petty Officer, USS Constellation CV-64, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Timothy Pellegrino, US Army, LT, 1961-1963
  • Richard J. Perry, US Navy, E5, SeaBees, Vietnam, two tours
  • Walter M. Pomerleau Sr., US Air Force, E-4 Airman 1st Class; Veteran, 1961-1965; 8th Air Force - Strategic Air Command (SAC); 499th Air Refueling Wing (ARW); 499th Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS), Westover Air Force Base; Azores Portugal; Awards: Air Force Good Conduct Medal; Specialist Crew Member of the Month (Twice); 499th Air Refueling Wing Airman of the Month; 499th Squadron Airman of the Month
  • James B. Rowan, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Dr. Howard Smith, US Army, (deceased)
  • Robert D. Smith, US Army, SP4, (deceased)
  • Daniel J. Trainor, US Navy, Vietnam (active duty), US Navy Reserve, (deceased)
  • Robert L. Veilleux, US Air Force (1961-1966)
  • George B. Witkowski, US Navy, US Coast Guard, Vietnam War, (deceased)

Graduates, 1960-1951


  • Joseph R. Aiello, US Air Force, Captain, (deceased)
  • James H. Bean, US Navy, (deceased)
  • William "Bill" Bell, US Navy, 6 Years of Service, included Nuclear Sub School, spent time on submarines USS Grouper and Razorback, and the aircraft carrier, the Ticonderoga, Awarded the National Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal and Two Bronze Stars, (deceased)
  • Vincent Berthiaume, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard H. Danahy, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Daniel J. Donovan, III, US Army, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • John "Jack" A. Driscoll, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard G. Favreau, US Coast Guard, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Joseph Fitzgibbons, US Navy, Lieutenant
  • Eugene H. Ginchereau, MD, US Navy, Captain, Retired, 40 Years of Service, Villanova University NROTC Scholarship, 1960-1964; Supply Corps Officer, 1964-1968; University of Pittsburgh Medical School, 1968-1972; Medical Corps Officer, 1972-2003
  • Paul G. Heman, US Army Reserves, SGT, (deceased)
  • Peter A. Hewett Jr., US Navy, Captain, Retired, 1964 - 1992
  • Donald J. Ichton, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Augustine S. Longo Jr., US Air Force, E4 Sergeant, 1966-1970, Retired; Stationed in Kadena AFB Okinawa, Stationed at Nellis AFB Nevada
  • Ronald T. Maheu, US Marine Corps, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • John M. McGravey, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Paul A. Paris, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard R. Pelczar, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Kenneth E. Rusnak, US Army, SP4, Honorable Discharge, Years of Service: 1964-1966; Acting Desk Sergeant, 561st Military Police Co., Ft. Myers, VA
  • James J. Ryan, Jr., US Navy, USS Los Angeles, (deceased)
  • Vincent P. Santapaolo, US Navy, US Air Force Reserve, (deceased)
  • Joseph Zangri, US Air Force, 1960-1964, Defense Command


  • Lawrence F. Buote, US Army, (deceased)
  • Dr. Charles R. Burke, Vietnam
  • David J. Burke, US Air Force, 1959-1963 
  • Richard J. Danahy, US Marine Corps
  • John "Jack" DiStefano, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Maurice Fournier, US Navy, 32 Years of Active Duty, including three tours in Vietnam (two on board the USS Enterprise), retired as a Cap. USNR in 1995, (deceased)
  • Lt. Richard Gorham, US Navy, Vietnam, (died from wounds received in the war)
  • Maurice J.L. Gosselin, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Richard P. Hamel, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Lt. Col. Ronald H. Lafond, US Air Force, 23 Years of Active Duty, Retired
  • Alex Landry, US Air Force, 1960-1964
  • Michael H. Logan, US Air Force
  • Capt. Patrick Larry McCarthy, US Marine Corps, Vietnam, Artillery Officer
  • Richard J. McDonald, US Marine Corps
  • Capt. Thomas A. McGowan, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
  • Kevin M. Moriarty, US Navy, USS Canberra, (deceased)
  • Paul L. Nerney, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Francis E. Payson, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • Frederick T. Pietrowski, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Roger W. Rochon, Army National Guard of MA, Vietnam, (deceased)
  • William J. Scanlon, US Navy, USS Wasp, (deceased)
  • Bernard H. Smith Jr. , US Air Force, Captain (1963-1967)


  • Leon P. Aumais, US Navy, USS Sarda submarine (1958-1961), Good Conduct Medal Recipient, (deceased)
  • Shae Baddour, US Navy, USS Hailey Destroyer, DD 556, (deceased)
  • George "Russ" Cahalane, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Paul C. Courtemanche, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Thomas A. Delaney, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Gene DeMarie, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Paul Durocher, US Navy, (deceased)
  • William A. Flynn, US Coast Guard Reserves, (deceased)
  • Henry Gardner, US Navy (four years)
  • John "Jack" F. Kelley, Army National Guard, (deceased)
  • Major/Atty. Richard T. Kelley, US Army (1959-1980), Two Tours of Duty in Vietnam, 82nd Airborne Division, Special Forces Training, 403rd Special Operations Unit, Army Security Agency’s 1st Special Forces Group; Awarded the Bronze Star Medal with One Oak Leaf Cluster and numerous Meritorious and Service Medals, (deceased)
  • Philip R. Lacroix, Jr., National Guard, Army Reserves, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Donald J. Laliberte, US Air Force, Four Years, Vietnam,  Working on F–105 and F–106 Fighter Jets, (deceased)
  • Philip R. Lacroix, Jr., National Guard, Army Reserves, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Joseph Maggio, US Navy, PNCS(E-8), Retired, 20 Years of Service: Combat Action Medal; Vietnam Service Medal (Four stars); Vietnam Campaign Medal, Presidential Unit Citation; Vietnam Gallantry Cross; Good Conduct Medal (Four Stars); Navy Achievement Medal (Two Stars); National Defense Service Medal; Served aboard a number of vessels.
  • George R. Marquis, US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • David B. McCabe, US Army, (deceased)
  • William B. "Brian" McCarthy, US Marine Corps Reserves (six years), (deceased)
  • Arthur E. Moriarty, US Army, Vietnam
  • Francis N. Perrault, US Navy, 22 Years, Retired
  • Charles Polizzotti, US Army, Vietnam
  • Edward Schroeder Jr., US Navy, AT-2, Retired; Four Years of Service, Utility Squadron 10 Guantanamo Bay, 1960-1962
  • Michael D. Silke, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Richard M. Turcotte, US Army, (deceased)
  • John L. Zajicek, US Navy, Vietnam, (deceased)


  • Donald A. Auger, US Air Force, Airman 2nd Class, Retired
  • Roger F. Avery, US Air Force (1959-1963), Honorable Discharge, (deceased)
  • Thomas W. Fairbanks, US Navy, Philippines and Japan, (deceased)
  • Maj. Charles D. Fox, US Marine Corps
  • Edward P. Flanagan Jr., US Air Force Reserve, (deceased)
  • Joseph Rodney Floriddia, US Navy, Medical Corpsman, (deceased)
  • Ronald G. Habib, US Air Force (1957-1963), (deceased)
  • Robert Hargreaves, US Army, (deceased)
  • Bernard C. Keegan, US Air Force, Vietnam War, (deceased)
  • Paul J. Killilea, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Col. J. Kevin Lavin, US Air Force, Retired, (deceased)
  • Roger E. Plante, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Lt. Joseph T. Ponti, US Coast Guard Academy, Four Years of Service following graduation
  • John J. Regan, US Navy, Radio Operator on the USS Investigator and the USS Dupont; (deceased)
  • Chanel L. Riopelle, US Army (1962-1968), Radio Teletype Operator, (deceased)
  • SSGT Raymond V. Thompson, US Army, Retired
  • Atty. Paul L. Twomey, Vietnam, Warrant Officer Pilot
  • MSgt. Ronald D. Veilleux, US Air Force (1957-1979), Vietnam, Korea,
    Philippines, France, Retired
  • Kenneth B. White, US Army, Vietnam, (deceased)


  • L/Cpl. Richard A. Beal, US Marine Corps,
  • William J. Byrne Jr., US Navy, Lieutenant, Retired, Four years of Service
  • Santo A. (Sam) CataldoUS Air Force (deceased)
  • Joseph E. Comeau, France, (deceased)
  • George F. Cooper, US Navy, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Lt. Col. Robert A. Courtemanche, US Marine Corps, Retired, (deceased)
  • Col. Edward T. Doyle, US Air Force, Career Military, served for 27 years, Retired (1989), (deceased)
  • Vito J. Fallisi, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Francis D. Faucher, US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • SFC Richard E. Manzi Sr., US Army
  • Major Robert J. Melanson, US Marine Corps, 21 years, (deceased)
  • Roland J. Page Jr., US Army, (deceased)
  • Sabatino J. Pitocchelli, DMD, US Army and US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • Norman G. Rainville Jr., US Navy, Petty Officer 2nd Class, AT2, (deceased)
  • Vincent F. Riviezzo, US Army, (deceased)


  • Mark C. Blanchette, MA National Guard, (deceased)
  • James T. Burns, US Navy, Radar Electronics Technician, Minesweeper USS Inflict, 1955-1961, (deceased)
  • Kenneth J. "Kenny" Cyr, US Navy, USS Blandy, (deceased)
  • Joseph F. Dixon, US Air Force, Officer, (deceased)
  • Vincent J. Dowd, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Robert L. Doyle, US Air Force, 1955-1959, (deceased)
  • Daniel R. Esty, US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • Paul T. Fleming, US Navy, USS Dealey, Radio Operator, (deceased)
  • Philip L. Fluet, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Gerard T. Gagnon, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard P. Giles, MA National Guard, (deceased)
  • James T. Gillett, US Air Force, 36 years, Senior Master Sergeant, (deceased)
  • Raymond L. Hamel, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • James A. Keleher, Jr., US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard J. Kulpinski, US Navy, Tufts University ROTC, Officer 1959-1961, (deceased)
  • Adrian G. Lambert, US Army (1962-1964), First Army Headquarters (Governors Island, NY), in charge of First Army Secret Documents, (deceased)
  • Ronald LaPlume, US Navy, USS Wasp, (deceased)
  • Lionel D. Lemelin, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Francis J. Lyons, US Marine Corps Reserves, (deceased)
  • Charles A. Marcin, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Joseph Norton, US Army, (deceased)
  • Vincent C. Parolisi, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Richard J. Pelletier, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Paul F. Piazza, Army National Guard, (deceased)
  • Richard J. Theberge, US Naval Reserve, Korea, (deceased)
  • Anthony M. Tomarchio, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Joseph S. "Sonny" Torname, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Vincent J. Twomey, MA Air National Guard; Air Force Association; Commemorative Air Force; Colonel; Flight Crew of B29 Super Fortress, (deceased)
  • Kenneth A. Zahn, US Navy (1955 to 1963), (deceased)


  • Dr. John A. Beal, US Marine Corps
  • Robert F. Burke, US Air Force, Airman First Class, Five Years of Service, Vietnam Veteran, Deceased
  • Leon A. Coulon, US Army, (deceased)
  • John A. Cronin, US Army, (deceased)
  • Michael B. Cronin, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Raymond J. Danahy, US Army, Vietnam Era - Germany, (deceased)
  • Capt. Robert J. Flynn, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Rene A. Guilmet, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Roland H. Hamel, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Warren Hayes, US Army, (deceased)
  • William H. Hearne, US Army, (deceased)
  • Robert H. Houle, US Air Force, 3 years and 4 months
  • William "Bill" Kopacz, US Marines, (deceased)
  • Leon U. Lacroix, US Army Reserves, MA National Guard, Specialist-4, (deceased)
  • Alfred N. Laudani, Air Force Reserve, (deceased)
  • John Maloof, US Navy, 20 years
  • Robert H. MattonUS Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John A. McMorrow, Army National Guard, Vietnam and Cold Wars, (deceased)
  • James E. Monahan, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Roger J. Paquette, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Daniel J. Riordan, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Thomas R. Robey, US Air Force, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Stephen J. Scully M.D., US Navy, LCDR, CVA 42 Franklin Delanor Roosevelt - 6th Fleet, Surgeon - Mediterranean 1st Naval District - New England - Surgeon
  • James M. Sheehy, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • James J. Swarbrick, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Robert J. Walsh,  US Army and US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • Gerald F. Welch, Coast Guard in the National Guard, (deceased)


  • Walter A. Alexander, US Marines, (deceased)
  • Roland "Chuck" Berube, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • P. Richard Bilodeau, US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • Richard H. Boisvert, US Army (1954-1957)
  • Dr. Carmen A. Ciardello DC USN Retired,, US Navy, Rear Admiral, Dental Corps, 1961 -1993, Retired, 33 years of service, Navy Achievement Medal (2), Navy Commendation Medal (2); Commanding Officer, Great Lakes; Assistant Dental Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
  • Raymond J. D’Auteuil, US Army, Stationed in Colorado, (deceased)
  • Paul Emile Desilets, US Army, (deceased)
  • Leo J. Dubois, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Richard C. Erler, US Marine Corps.
  • Capt. Lawrence J. Farelli, US Army, Killed in Action: smothered a grenade to save the men under his command
  • Charles J. Fiorino, US Army, 1st Lieutenant, Six Years (2 active, 4 reserves), Fort Benning, GA; Ft Devens, MA
  • John N. Fitzpatrick, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Ernest G. Fluet, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Lt. Col. Frank Gioco, US Air Force, fighter pilot, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, nine air medals, (deceased)
  • Charles E. Long, US Army, Germany
  • Robert J. Loughlin, US Army, stationed in Iceland during the Vietnam War era, (deceased)
  • Lt. Jg. William F. Lucey Jr., US Navy (1957-1959)
  • Raymond G. Matton, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Francis R. "Frank" Mazzaglia, US Army, (deceased)
  • Edward J. McCarthy, US Army, (deceased)
  • William J. McCarthy, US Army, (deceased)
  • Arthur T. Morin, US Army, Koren War, (deceased)
  • Philip A. Nardone Sr., US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • James I. Nutter, US Army, 20 Years, Worked for NASA, (deceased)
  • John A. Palmieri, US Marine Corps (1953-1956), (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Pelletier, US Air Force, Airman First Class, (deceased)
  • Richard B. Rajotte, US Air Force, Airman First Class, (deceased)
  • Philip R. Sirois, US Army, (deceased)
  • Joseph "Rene" Theriault, US National Guard, (deceased)
  • Roger A. Vachon, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)


  • David A. Blanchette, US Army, (deceased)
  • Michael J. Carney, US Army, (deceased)
  • Ronald E. Carrier, US Navy, MRFN, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Charles J. Couture, US Army, SP5, Retired, 1954-1957, Korea
  • Capt. Thomas J. Davies, US Air Force, (Germany, Korea, Japan, Hawaii, The Pentagon, Bosnia), Retired
  • Francis Deneu, US Navy, Yeoman 2nd Class; Korean Conflict, Naval Aviation Patrol Squadron 26 (VP26); (1955 to 1957)
  • Paul E. Desilets, US Army, (deceased)
  • Paul E. Dufour, US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • C. Barry Duhamel, US Army, US National Guard, (deceased)
  • Thomas A. Farragher, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Charles V. Fowler, US Army, (deceased)
  • Henry C. Hebert, US Navy, Korean War, Petty Officer 3rd Class, (deceased)
  • William Johnson, US Army
  • Robert T. Kelley, US Army, (deceased)
  • Joseph P. Kilcoyne, US Army, (deceased)
  • Rodolphe Eugene, "Gene" Langevin Jr., US Army, (deceased)
  • Oscar R. Lemieux, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • William J. Loughlin, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Paul E. Mailhot, US Army, (deceased)
  • Warren F. Manning, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • George E. Ouellette, US Air Force, Air National Guard and achieved the rank of Chief Master Sergeant, (deceased)
  • Thomas P. Regan, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Vito A. Roscigno, US Army, (deceased)
  • Robert A. Routhier, US Army, (deceased)
  • Donald D. Silveira, US Army, 3rd battalion of the 188th Airborne as a paratrooper during Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Sgt. James Valentino, US Marine Corps, Korean Conflict (1952-1953), Retired
  • Paul R. White, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)


  • Michael A. Alaimo, Jr., US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Emile P. Beausejour, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • David O. Bell, US Army, Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Robert Richard Blanchette, US Army, (deceased)
  • Donald A. Boisvert, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Joseph J. Clark, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Enrico M. "Henry" Conte, US Army, (deceased)
  • Richard Demers, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Lionel J. Demers, US Marine Corps, Korean Era, (deceased)
  • Raymond J. Deroche, US Army (1952-1954), United Nations Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, 3 Bronze Stars, National Defense Service Medal, (deceased)
  • Joseph J. Doherty, US Army, (deceased)
  • Charles A. Doyle, US Air Force, Korean Conflict, stationed overseas at bases including Iwo Jima and Japan, (deceased)
  • Edward E. Dube, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Alfred J. Falco Jr., US Navy, AT2, Retired, Four Years of Service: Bainbridge, MD; Norfolk, VA; Memphis, TN; Key West, FL; Brunswick, ME.
  • Raymond Guilmet, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Leo A. Hamel, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John Hannon, Jr., US Navy, First Class Petty Officer, (deceased)
  • George Lemaitre, MD, US Army (1966-1968, Captain), (deceased)
  • Robert Lemay, US Air Force (1952-1956)
  • George H. Lord, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Frederick F. Mele, US Air Force, Korean War, 4 years active Duty, 34 years Air Force Reserve, (deceased)
  • Charles B. Mitchell, Jr., US Army, (deceased)
  • Robert A. Murdock, US Navy, (deceased)
  • John J. O’Donnell, US Air Force, Airman 1st Class, (deceased)
  • Robert W. Quintal, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Roland J. Roy, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Ronald S. Santagati, US Air Force
  • Joseph G. Smith, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Richard E. "Red" TinerUS Army, Koren Conflict, (deceased)
  • Eugene D. Veilleux, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Colonel Robert H. Zannini, US Air Force, Retired (1952-1983); Pilot, Strategic Air Command; Commander of Enlisted Squadron; SAC Bomb Squadron Commander; Deputy Commander for Operations of 93d Bombardment Wing, Castle AFB, CA.

Graduates, 1950 and before


  • Edward E. Belanger, US Air Force
  • Lawrence J. Caffrey, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Joseph E. Carney, Jr., US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • G. Thomas Catalano, US Coast Guard Academy
  • E. Daniel Ciardiello, US Air Force, Korean War, Hahn Air Base, Germany, 69th Tactical Missile Squadron, (deceased)
  • James M. DeCaro, US Navy, Radioman, third class, aboard the U.S.S. Sage (AM-111), Korean War, (deceased)
  • John L. Duhamel, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Robert L. Flaherty, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Enrico "Henry" J. Foderaro, US Coast Guard, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Gabriel P. Fusco, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • John F. Dignam, US Army, (deceased)
  • John P. Ganley Sr., US Army, Corporal, Retired, (deceased)
  • Jack Gianni, US Navy, Retired
  • John F. Giles, US Air Force, Staff Sergeant, Austin, TX and Sapporo, Japan, retired
  • Richard P. Gingras, US Navy, Korea, (deceased)
  • William J. Halloran, US Coast Guard, (deceased)
  • Robert A. Hanlon, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • James A. Harrison, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • John J. Heafy Jr., US Navy, Radarman First Class, (deceased)
  • Joseph G. Indoccio, US Navy, Korea, (deceased)
  • Louis "Phil" Lantagne, US Army, (deceased)
  • Thomas A. Lawton, US Coast Guard, Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Philip J. Mailhot, US Navy (deceased)
  • Walter H. "Peter" Mann, US Army 1955-1957, (deceased)
  • William J. McDonald, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Stephen F. McNally, US Army, (deceased)
  • John N. Murphy, US Army, (deceased)
  • Richard J. Niziak Sr., US Navy, Korea, (deceased), Retired
  • Vincent J. Pekarski, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Raymond N. Pelletier, US Navy, Korea, (deceased)
  • Albert C. Peterson, US Army
  • James H. Powell, US Navy, Korea, (deceased)
  • Charles R. Regan, US Navy, Korean War, U.S.S. Power, DD-839, (deceased)
  • Carmen Reitano, US Navy, Retired
  • Dr. Joseph R. Rokous, US Army, Vietnam
  • Joseph E. Rosinski, US Marine Corps, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Robert B. Roy, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • CW4 Bernard C. St. Laurent, US Army, 1962-1983, Cambodia '63, Vietnam '64/66-67/70-71, Retired
  • Ralph J. Torrisi, US Air Force, Airman 1st Class; Korea; Gunner, Crew Chief, B36 Peacemaker, (1951-1955)
  • Alfred G. Zappala, US Army, (deceased)


  • Joseph R. Albert, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Major Roland G. Bourque, US Air Force, 20 Years, (deceased)
  • Salvatore W. DiFrancesco, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Capt. George D. Donovan, US Marine Corps
  • Joseph P. Dussault, US Army (1951-1954), (deceased)
  • J. Roland Fredette, US Coast Guard, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John J. Flynn, US Army Reserves, (deceased)
  • Lt. Cdr. William E. Flynn, M.D., US Navy, Retired
  • J. Alfred Gaudet, US Navy, 3rd Class Petty Officer
  • Sebastian J. Giuffrida, US Navy, Captain USNR, USS Wright CVL 49, 3 years active duty, 28 years reserve duty
  • William C. Greenlaw, US Navy, Naval Academy Graduate '54, graduated with distinction and commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Navy Destroyer out of Rhode Island (deceased)
  • Joseph Henri "Hank" Hamel, US Navy, Korean Way, USS Saipan, (deceased)
  • John P. Holland Sr., US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John F. Kaslow, US Army (Sp3), (deceased)
  • Col. Richard J. Kattar, US Army, 30-year career: five Bronze Stars, nine Air Medals of Valor, two Legions of Merit, (deceased)
  • G.J. 'Ned' Leone, US Navy, Korean War, Medical Corps, (deceased)
  • John J. McNamara, US Navy, Korean War, Honorable Discharge, National Defense Service Medal and the Navy Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Joseph P. Menihane, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Alfred L. "Dusty" Morin, Jr., US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • William Quane Nartiff, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John N. Ouellette, US Marines, (deceased)
  • Louis E. Pelletier, US Naval Reserves, (deceased)
  • Francis 'Ken' Robinson, US Air Force (1950-1954, Korean War), US Army (1956-1960, Vietnam War), (deceased)
  • John Provencher, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Edward J. "Skeets" Scanlon, US Navy, Korean War, Seabees, (deceased)
  • Raymond F. Scanlon, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Louis J. Sirois, US Army, Corps of Engineers, Korean War
  • Joseph St. Germain, US Navy, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • James A. Tatlis, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Wojtkiewicz, US Air Force, Airman First Class, Retired, 1949-1953, Top-Clearance Cartographer, stationed at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana


  • Richard P. Arraj, Jr., US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John Blackwell, US Army, Korea, (deceased)
  • Roland "Jack" Blanchette, US Marine Corps (16 years), US Army Reserves (10 years), (deceased)
  • J. Arthur Brien, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Patsy Joseph Cambria, US Navy (1952-1954), (deceased)
  • William G. "Bill" Carney, US Navy, Korean Conflict, USS LST 533, (deceased)
  • William Daigle, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • John C. Doiron, Jr., US Navy, (deceased)
  • Daniel M. Driscoll, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Lionel Pete Dumont, US Army, (deceased)
  • Martin Earley, US Army National Guard, 42 year career, Meritorious Service Medal, (2) Army Commendation Medals, Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Joseph E. Ford, US Air Force, 1951-1955, Airman, First Class; National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Roger E. Gagnon, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Herve A. Gallant, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Thomas J. Garvey, US Army, MASH Unit, Korea, 1953-1954, (deceased)
  • John F. Gearin, US Navy, WWII, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Louis E. Gleason, US Marine Corps, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Chanel M. Guilmette, US Army, 82nd Airborne, Korea, (deceased)
  • Malcolm J. Hart Jr., US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Lt. Col. William E. Hart, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Joseph T. Hamilton, US Army, Korea
  • Fred D. Iannazzi, US Army, Korea, (deceased)
  • Harold J. Johnson, US Coast Guard, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Eugene L. LaCroix, US Army, Korea, (deceased)
  • Roger L. Landry, US Navy, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Wilfred E. Langlais, US Air Force, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Rene J. Lanouette, US Navy, (deceased)
  • John F. Lyons, Jr., US Air Force, (deceased)
  • John F. Kelley, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • James J. Maloney, US Air Force, three years in Germany, (deceased)
  • Thomas P. Middleton, US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Vincent "Tippy" P. O'Connell, US Coast Guard, Korea, (deceased)
  • Albert F. Olmstead Jr., US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Charles A. Riley, US Navy, Korean Conflict, USS Kennedy, (deceased)
  • R. Paul Roy, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Philip J. Shea, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Col. John B. Tanzer, US Military Academy, US Army (Ret.)
  • Roger Twomey, US Air Force, Staff Sergeant, Discharged 1954, (deceased)
  • John “Jack” Winters, US Navy
  • Thadeus J. Wnek, US Air Force, 6147th Tactical Control Group, Korea, recipient of the Korean War Medal with three battle stars, the United Nations Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the Nations Defense Medal, two United States Presidential Citations and two Republic of Korea Unit Citations, (deceased)
  • Donald T. York, US Army, Korea, (deceased)


  • James E. Carney, US Army (1950-1952), (deceased)
  • James W. Daly, US Army served at the Pentagon as a Cryptographic Technician and recognized as an M-1 Rifle Sharpshooter, National Guard, (deceased)
  • Nancy DiDio, (Saint Mary High School), US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Frances G. English, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Bernard J. Fallon, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • Armand R. Girouard, DDS, US Navy, Lieutenant, (deceased)
  • Bernard F. Godbout Sr., US Air Force, WWII, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Golden, US Marines, (deceased)
  • William W. Gosselin, US Marine Corps, Korean Conflict, 1948-1952, (deceased)
  • James E. Griffin, US Army, Sergeant, Army Security Agency, Frankfurt, German, (deceased)
  • Joseph D. Hackney, US Air Force, Sergeant, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Dr. Edward E. Hassey, US Navy, Lieutenant, Dentist, (deceased)
  • Joseph C. Keleher, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • John McNally, US Navy, Korean Conflict
  • Sgt. Robert O'Donnell, US Marine Corps, (deceased)
  • Norman W. Paris, US Airforce, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. ‘Chanel’ Saindon, US Navy, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Bernard A. "Bernie" Smith, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Claude W. St. Laurent, US Marine Corps, Pacific 1947-1951, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Sullivan Jr., US Army Medical Corps, Private E2 (1951-1953), Honors: Good Conduct Medal, Expert Badge & Rifle Bar, National Defense Service Medal (w/ ribbon), Korean Service Medal Set with 3 Bronze Stars, Army Commendation Medal w/ Ribbon for Military Merit, Korean War Service Medal w/ Ribbon (50th Anniversary), United Nations Service Medal w/ Ribbon, 50th Anniversary Medal w/ Ribbon
  • Robert H. Timony, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Donald C. Traynor, US Navy, PH2 (1950-1954), Navy Photographer: Pensacola, FL; (deceased)
  • Neil F. Twomey, US Coast Guard Academy
  • Ernest J. Verrette, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)


  • Chanel Bergeron, US Air Force, San Juan, PR and Corpus Christi, TX, 3 years of service, Retired, (deceased)
  • Vincent H. Bernard, US Army, (deceased)
  • John J. Buckley, US Navy, Quartermaster, Retired, (deceased)
  • John G. Chory, US Army, T/5, One year tour of duty in Japan
  • John B. Connors, US Army, serving in Japan, (deceased)
  • Aime J. Guy, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Paul L. DeGagne, US Army, Korean War,(deceased)
  • William T. Downs, WWII, (deceased)
  • Capt. Frederick R.E. Ellis, US Navy, 27 years of service, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War,(deceased)
  • Albert J. Gosselin, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • James Hajjar, US Army, Investigations Divisions, US Army Counterintelligence Corps (Army CIC)
  • Robert J. Hamel, US Coast Guard, Korean & Vietnam Wars, (deceased)
  • William R. Hart,US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Victor L. Hatem,US Navy, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Arthur J. Hickey, US Army, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Dennis J. Hynes, US Army, (deceased)
  • Armand J. Lamontagne, US Army, (deceased)
  • Bernard J. Lynch, US Army, WWII, (deceased)
  • Charles W. McAllister, US Naval Reserve, (deceased)
  • John M. Meteyer, US Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant (E9), German Occupation, Berlin Airlift, Korea & Vietnam (1946-1977)
  • William M. Moriarty Sr., US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • William J. "Bill" Sullivan Jr., US Marine Corps, World War II & the Korean War (1946-1951), (deceased)
  • Donald C. Traynor, US Navy, PH2 (1950-1954), Navy Photographer: Pensacola, FL; (deceased)
  • John J. Weir, Stationed in Italy during WWII, (deceased)


  • Robert J. Berube, US Navy, WWII (1945-1946), Fire Controlman, USS Fargo, (deceased)
  • Lt. Charles M. Conlon, US Navy, Retired
  • Joseph E. Duquette, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • William E. Flynn, US Army, Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • George Gosselin, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • Bernard D. Helfrich, US Army, (deceased)
  • Charles E. Hopkins Jr., US Navy, (deceased)
  • Gerard J. Jutras, US Navy (1945-1946), Navigator, USS Princeton CV37
  • 1st Lt. Joseph Vincent "Joe" Mahoney, US Army (1951-1954), (deceased)
  • William E. "Bill" Melvin, US Navy, (deceased)
  • John J. Menzie, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • F. Richard Morris, US Navy, 6th Fleet Mediterranean, (deceased)


  • Charles W. Cavallaro, (deceased)
  • William F. Collins, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • Charles A. Cronin, US Air Force, (deceased)
  • Capt. Herbert J. Dean, US Navy, 38 years of service, WWII, Vietnam (four tours of duty), US Naval Academy Graduate (1954), Professor of Naval Science at the University of Utah, Recipient of Bronze Star with Valor and two Meritorious Service Medals, (deceased)
  • Donat "Don" Desrosiers, US Navy, WWII, Asiatic Pacific Theatre, (deceased)
  • Bernard J. Duggan, US Navy, WWII, serving on a Destroyer, (deceased)
  • David J. Hegarty, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • James F. Landers, US Army, Japan as a band leader in Osaka, (deceased)
  • Atty. Frank J. Lynch, US Army, Corporal, Action in Pacific Theatre, then served in Tokyo with Occupation Forces, 1944-1946, (deceased)
  • Capt. James A. Mulligan Jr., US Navy, (POW), Retired, (deceased)
  • Armand Nadeau, US Army, KIA 6/6/1944, Normandy (D Day), Headquarters, 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division; Listed on the Tablets of the Missing, Normandy American Cemetery-Remains Non-Recoverable; Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart
  • J. Alan St. Laurent, US Navy, Radioman, WWII, South Pacific, (deceased)
  • Peter P. Turkosz, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)
  • William J. Willett, US Navy, WWII, (deceased)


  • Joseph A. Collins, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Dr. Patrick L. Hennelly, US Army, (deceased)
  • George R. Miller Sr., US Marine Corps, First Marine Air Wing, South Pacific, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Murphy, US Air Force, WWII, Pacific Theater, (deceased)
  • Vincent F. O'Brien, Merchant Marines, WWII, (deceased)
  • Paul A. Pelletier, US Air Force, Korean War, (deceased)
  • Thomas E. Ralph, US Navy, (deceased)
  • Raymond Sheehan, US Army, WWII, Normandy Invasion, (deceased)
  • John "Jack" Reader, US Army Air Corps, WWII, Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters for meritorious achievement for his twenty seven missions as B-17 tail gunner, Honorable Discharge, (deceased)
  • Atty. Edward J. Spires, US Navy, (deceased)


  • Joseph E. Blackwell, US Navy, Pacific Theater, (deceased)
  • Eugene R. Beliveau, US Army, WWII, Bronze Star, (deceased)
  • Edgar F. "Buddy" Blanchette, Air Corps, WWII, (deceased)
  • Edward J. Roy, US Army, WWII
  • Walter J. "Skeets" Scanlon, US Navy, Air Corps, WWII (1943-1945), (deceased)
  • Eugene F. Walsh, US National Guard, WWII, (deceased)


  • John B. Alexander, US Army, WWII Bronze Star, and Army Air Force, Joint Services Commendation Medal on 2 occasions and Air Force Commendation Medal, (deceased)
  • Edwin J. Barrett, (deceased)
  • Matthew A. Chiara, US Naval Academy, WWII and Korean Conflict, (deceased)
  • Rev. Edward J. Dalton, US Army, 3 years in India WWII, (deceased)
  • William J. Ganley Jr., (deceased)
  • Joseph F. Guerrera, US Navy, Seabees, Electrician's Mate First Class; Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal with One Bronze Star, The American Campaign Medal, and the Victory Medal, (deceased)
  • Leo J. Gingras, (deceased)
  • Joseph A. Leonard, (deceased)
  • William F. Lyons, US Army, 6th Photo Group, Philippines & New Guinea, (deceased)
  • Edmund J. Savoie, US Army, WWII, Europe, US Army Field Artillery, (deceased)
  • Oliver St. Laurent, US Navy, Corpsman, WWII, 1st Marine Div., South Pacific, (deceased)
  • Albert E. Therriault, (deceased)
  • John F. Troy, US Army, T/Cpl., WWII, 63rd Infantry Div., Europe, 1942-1946, (deceased)
  • Eugene F. Walsh, US National Guard, WWII, (deceased)


  • Joseph C. Blanchette, US Army, World War II, (deceased)
  • Vincent A. Harvey, (deceased)
  • James A. Judge Jr., US Air Force, Career Officer
  • Ronald S. Lachance, (deceased)
  • Leo R. Macklin, US Navy, World War II, (deceased)
  • Joseph F. Sullivan, (deceased)
  • Dr. John W. Walsh, US Army, Good Conduct Medal, The WWII Victory Medal, The Asiatic/Pacific Theater Campaign Medal, The American Theater Ribbon, & the Distinguished Unit Badge with Oak Leaf Cluster, (deceased)


  • Bertrand J. Berube, US Navy, WWII, three invasions, medic & pharmacist mate: the American Area Medal, the European-African Medal with four stars, the WWII Victory Medal, & the Good Conduct Medal, (deceased)
  • Francis X. Bodenrader, (deceased)
  • Carroll E. Bradish, (deceased)
  • Sgt. Raymond Couture, WWII, tank commander, 12th Armored Division, Purple Heart. Combat in France and Germany, (deceased)
  • Capt. Henry Donahue, US Army Air Corps, (deceased)
  • Thomas A. Ferris, US Army Air Corps, WWII, (deceased)
  • Edward A. Maurice, (deceased)
  • Andrew F. McMahon, US Army Air Corp, WWII, (deceased)
  • Thomas F. Murray, (deceased)
  • Marguerite Raymond (Saint Mary High School), US Navy, (deceased)
  • John A. Winn, US Navy, Chief Petty Officer, (1940-1963); Naval Aviation, Pilot Training, Corpus Christi, TX, (deceased)
  • Sgt. Phillip A. Winters, US Army, Naval Air Cadet before serving in US Army. Saw combat in Europe during WWII, (deceased)

1935 (Saint Mary High School)

  • Ruth (Riley) McMahon, US Air Corps, WWII, (deceased)

1933 (Saint Mary High School)

  • Sgt. Rita (Holihan) Wholey, US Coast Guard, WWII, (deceased)

Friends, Family, Faculty, & Staff

  • Major Rebecca Corbin, US Air Force, Active Duty, wife of Chris Corbin '99
  • Major Stephen Flanagan, US Army, Green Beret, Active Duty, Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan; brother of Andrew Flanagan '90
  • COL James P. Hall, US Army, 25+ years, Active Reserves, Kosovo 2004 and JAG Corps; father of Julie Hall '27
  • CPT Kerry A. Hall, US Army, 7 years, Iraq 2004, 101 Airborne Division, Airborne qualified, Retired; mother of Julie Hall '27
  • Major Benjamin Hutchins, US Marine Corps, Harrier Pilot; Five Combat Tours; Stationed with VMA-231, Cherry Point, NC; Husband of Capt. Laura (Champagne) Hutchins '97
  • Peter Orlando, US Marine Corps, (deceased), son of Edward Orlando '59
  • Albert Raymond, US Navy, 2nd Class Petty Officer, Retired, Grandfather of Nathan Kearney '23

Faculty & Staff

  • Dr. Evelyn Hidalgo, Current School & College Counselor
    • US Navy, E-5/ Operations Specialist, Four years of service, served onboard the USS Hayler DD-997 and the USS O’Bannon DD-987 as an Operations Specialist 2nd Class Petty Officer and Interpreter for a Special Unit Desron-6 specialized in training South American Navies in Navigation procedures

Honoring Our Veterans in Raider News